Category: Windows Application
Current version: 1.0
Last update: 9/20/2004
Most applications that process any kind of information use a database. The problem with databases is that they need to be installed, uninstalled and updated just like an application, but unlike for applications there are barely any tools providing these setup tasks for databases.
SanDbMan is a tool allowing average users to perform exactly these setup tasks for databases running on a Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine. Database developers can easily configure and customize SanDbMan and thus create reliable and user friendly database releases. Have a look and if you like it, download it – SanDbMan is freeware!
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Category: Windows Service
Current version: 1.2
Last update: 8/19/2008
The Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) has a severe built-in limitation when running on a Windows client version (such as Windows XP Professional): It prevents you from having more than one web site at a time. This means that if you have two or more domains you will get some problems trying to host them on an IIS running on a windows client version.
SanSites is one out of several tools providing a solution for this limitation. The “technical information” section serves as a guide over the different approaches and explains how SanSites works and why it is different (and, of course, better!) than the other tools. Have a look and if you like it, download it – SanSites is freeware!
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Category: Console Application
Current version: 1.0
Last update: 3/13/2005
The MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 contains a toolbox window allowing the user to drag and drop new controls on a form. This toolbox window can be modified: Tabs and controls may be added and removed by accessing the toolbox properties.
SanVsBox is a console application that allows these modifications based on command line arguments. This is useful when modifying the toolbox window of a large number of users (for example when distributing controls or to create a corporate layout of the toolbox). This makes SanVsBox a valuable tool especially when creating control installations. Have a look and if you like it, download it – SanVsBox is freeware!
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